[ntp:questions] Ruh, roh. Leap Second?

Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Tue Jul 1 14:12:23 UTC 2008

Once upon a time, Peter Laws <plaws at ou.edu> said:
>1 Time(s): Clock: inserting leap second 23:59:60 UTC
>RHEL 5.2 system running ntpq 4.2.2p1 at 1.1570-o Thu Jan 17 18:14:14 UTC 2008 
>(1) which is the default for that distribution.  Grepping around in the 
>logs it appears that most or all of my RHEL systems did it.
>I got this, too, on at least one system:
>Jun 30 19:34:53 ozz-1300 ntpd[2659]: time reset +1.000360 s

You should be more specific with versions on RHEL (or any RPM based
distribution); do "rpm -q ntp" to get the full NVR.  For example, RHEL
5.2 systems should have ntp-4.2.2p1-8.el5.

In any case, I just checked RHEL 5.2, 5.1, 4.6, and 3.9 systems, and
none show a leap second or a time reset log entry.

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