[ntp:questions] Public remote RNG server service on the net

Adem24 adem24 at adem24adem24.org.invalid
Tue Jul 1 16:49:21 UTC 2008

Is there any public remote RNG server running on the Internet?
By this I mean a public service similar to the Network Time Protocol (NTP).

It should generate for example 50 random numbers in the
range 0 to 255 in string format in intervalls of a minute,
and together with a timestamp make this record (ie. a line)
publicly available. There should also be an open API for 
retrieving the RNG record for the specified datetime key.

Such an independent public RNG service would be useful for 
online game operators and players; ie. for lotto, roulette and
other chance games, but also for researchers.

All the generated RNG records should also be archived and 
put online for manual downloading (for statistical tests etc.)

The current situation of for example how the Keno lotto numbers 
are generated is not much trustworthy since it is in the hands of 
the Keno-organizers themselves. And there is a big mistrust 
by the players in this method, and there have also been some 
scandals because the game organizers know what the players 
have played and it is easy to generate numbers which would 
pay out the least prizes...

So there is a public need for one or more trustworthy,
independent and open public RNG servers around the globe
for the benefit of everybody in the industry.

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