[ntp:questions] Ruh, roh. Leap Second?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Jul 2 03:06:16 UTC 2008


I head the same comment over the jungle telegraph. However, in the 
distributions that leave here there is no such comment, so it would have 
to come from somewhere else or from a modified distribution. To help 
spot feckless fingers, recent versions have a protostats file in the 
statistics collection and "official" reports go there, as well as the 
system log if configured. These reports are described in the decode.html 
page in the docuentation.


Peter Laws wrote:
> 1 Time(s): Clock: inserting leap second 23:59:60 UTC
> RHEL 5.2 system running ntpq 4.2.2p1 at 1.1570-o Thu Jan 17 18:14:14 UTC 2008 
> (1) which is the default for that distribution.  Grepping around in the 
> logs it appears that most or all of my RHEL systems did it.
> I got this, too, on at least one system:
> Jun 30 19:34:53 ozz-1300 ntpd[2659]: time reset +1.000360 s
> Thing is, IERS, who I understand is in charge of these things, says: "There 
> will NOT be a leap second introduced in UTC on 30 June 2008." 
> (http://maia.usno.navy.mil/)
> So was that bogus?  A bug in RH's NTP code?  A problem with NTP itself?
> Operator error? :-)

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