[ntp:questions] Interface IP address Change.

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Fri Jul 4 16:04:11 UTC 2008

Kiran Shirol wrote:
> Hi,
> In one of my setups with just one interface I had configured ntp server.
> Everything works fine till here. Now I change the IP address of the
> interface
> and then sendto() starts failing with "Invalid arguments" error. I
> understand that
> the change in the ip address is not reflected in NTP since it does not
> rebind
> upon change in the IP address.
> My question is How can I make NTP automatically detect this change and
> rebind
> upon the change in the IP address of the interface ?

This is typical when DHCP provides you with a different IP address from 
the one your were previously using. Fixed in 4.2.4.


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