[ntp:questions] Ruh, roh. Leap Second?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Fri Jul 4 21:06:45 UTC 2008




Martin Burnicki wrote:
> Dave,
> David L. Mills wrote:
>>There can be a disconnect of serveral months between some gimmick in the
>>development branch and when it appears on supermarket shelves; 
> Of course.
>>the current version does explicitly announce impending leaps in the
>>protostats file and does take a vote among the sources on whether to
>>mark the calendar for a leap. All this is overridden if the NIST
>>leapseconds file is present.
> Understood. However, does it also write to the log file from *which*
> source(s) a leap second announcement has been received?
> Martin

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