[ntp:questions] Public remote RNG server service on the net

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Fri Jul 4 22:37:20 UTC 2008

mayer at ntp.isc.org (Danny Mayer) writes:

>Adem24 wrote:
>> Is there any public remote RNG server running on the Internet?
>> By this I mean a public service similar to the Network Time Protocol (NTP).
>> It should generate for example 50 random numbers in the
>> range 0 to 255 in string format in intervalls of a minute,

That would be in general be a terrible idea. random numbers are usually
used for cryptographic purposes and letting someone else know what your
random numbers are is a HUGE hole. 

Besides many operating systems already have random number generators.
/dev/urandom on linux systems for example. Just read as many bytes as you
want from it. 

>> and together with a timestamp make this record (ie. a line)
>> publicly available. There should also be an open API for 
>> retrieving the RNG record for the specified datetime key.

Why in the world would you want it?

>> Such an independent public RNG service would be useful for 
>> online game operators and players; ie. for lotto, roulette and
>> other chance games, but also for researchers.

You mean so everyone else could cheat you?\

>> All the generated RNG records should also be archived and 
>> put online for manual downloading (for statistical tests etc.)
>> The current situation of for example how the Keno lotto numbers 
>> are generated is not much trustworthy since it is in the hands of 
>> the Keno-organizers themselves. And there is a big mistrust 
>> by the players in this method, and there have also been some 
>> scandals because the game organizers know what the players 
>> have played and it is easy to generate numbers which would 
>> pay out the least prizes...
>> So there is a public need for one or more trustworthy,
>> independent and open public RNG servers around the globe
>> for the benefit of everybody in the industry.

And you would trust this organization that published this?

>Even if there are noone here cares about it and it's off topic for this 

That is also true. 

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