[ntp:questions] Leap second functional question

Serge Bets serge.bets at NOSPAM.laposte.invalid
Tue Jul 22 11:49:00 UTC 2008

 On Friday, February 22, 2008 at 16:52:17 +0100, Serge Bets wrote:

> It's already decided that there will be no leap in next June [2008],
> so the next open date is 31 December 2008. But DUT1 reached
> -0.4 seconds only very recently, so maybe not yet... I'd bet on
> June 2009, when DUT1 will be around -0.8 ;-)

Miserably lost bet! Please remember to never trust this guy again with
his poor attempts to predict the future. ;-)

Serge point Bets arobase laposte point net

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