[ntp:questions] ntpdate with auth

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Wed Jul 23 16:35:57 UTC 2008

lin_g at o2.pl (Grzegorz Daniluk) writes:

>Steve Kostecke wrote:
>> On 2008-07-23, Grzegorz Daniluk <lin_g at o2.pl> wrote:
>>> Thank you very much, that is exactly what I was looking for.
>>> Now I have another question. I would like to change the poll interval 
>>> for those 'noselect' hosts so I figured out that I'll use ntpdc. Then I 
>>> realized that the 'addserver' option doesn't support 'noselect'. I tried 
>>> to add that flag so I did something like that in ntpdc_ops.c:
>> You're trying to do things the hard way.
>> Read the documentation about "maxpoll" (hint: go to http://doc.ntp.org
>> and search for maxpoll) to learn about an existing solution.
>> You may safely use maxpoll to control the maximum poll interval for a
>> remote time server under the following conditions:
>> 1. You, or your company/organization, controls the remote time server
>> 2. You have (written) permission from the server operator to poll more
>> frequently than the ntpd default
>Thank you for answering,
>I understand the problem of maxpolling that you are talking about but in 
>my situation I need that for a certain servers that I know I can poll 
>more often sometimes. That's why I thought I would use ntpdc to change that.

If you have permission to poll those servers more often, go ahead and put
in a low maxpoll. 

>Grzegorz Daniluk

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