[ntp:questions] ntpdate with auth

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Jul 23 17:40:08 UTC 2008


Be advised the ntpdc program has long ago fallen in disrepair and is not 
to be maintained further. In particular, the feature to add, remove and 
modify remote associations is not consistent with current manycast and 
pool autoconfigure provisions. The ntpq program is intended as 
replacement in that it can do anything that the configuration file 
supports. This feature, while still incomplete, is documented in the web 
documentation and in the development version.


Grzegorz Daniluk wrote:

> Steve Kostecke wrote:
>>You can include reference time sources in your ntp.conf
>>The syntax is:
>>server your.reference.server noselect
> Thank you very much, that is exactly what I was looking for.
> Now I have another question. I would like to change the poll interval 
> for those 'noselect' hosts so I figured out that I'll use ntpdc. Then I 
> realized that the 'addserver' option doesn't support 'noselect'. I tried 
> to add that flag so I did something like that in ntpdc_ops.c:
> /while (pcmd->nargs > items) {
>                 if (STREQ(pcmd->argval[items].string, "prefer"))
>                     flags |= CONF_FLAG_PREFER;
>                 else if (STREQ(pcmd->argval[items].string, "burst"))
>                     flags |= CONF_FLAG_BURST;
>                 else if (STREQ(pcmd->argval[items].string, "dynamic"))
>                     flags |= CONF_FLAG_DYNAMIC;
>                 /*///////////*/
>                 else if (STREQ(pcmd->argval[items].string, "noselect"))
>                     flags |= CONF_FLAG_NOSELECT;
>                 /*///////////*/
>                 else if (STREQ(pcmd->argval[items].string, "iburst"))
>                     flags |= CONF_FLAG_IBURST;
>                 else if (!refc && STREQ(pcmd->argval[items].string, 
> "keyid"))
>                     numtyp = 1;
>                 else if (!refc && STREQ(pcmd->argval[items].string, 
> "version"))
>                     numtyp = 2;
>                 else if (STREQ(pcmd->argval[items].string, "minpoll"))
>                     numtyp = 3;
>                 else if (STREQ(pcmd->argval[items].string, "maxpoll"))
>                     numtyp = 4;
> /but when I tried to use my new ntpdc with noselect option I got 
> following errors:
> ***Warning changing to older implementation
> ***Warning changing the request packet size from 160 to 48
> ***Server reports a format error in the received packet (shouldn't happen)
> ***Retrying command with old conf_peer size
> ***Server reports a format error in the received packet (shouldn't happen)
> The other flags works perfect, I got these messages only with noselect.
> So maybe I also need to add some code to ntpd so that it would 
> understand a message with noselect flag ? I'm still not very familiar 
> with ntpd code so maybe somebody tried to do that before or have any 
> idea what's wrong and how to fix it ?
> thank you very much for all your help
> Grzegorz Daniluk

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