[ntp:questions] Writing an SNTP script for Runtime Revolution

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Tue Jul 29 03:24:06 UTC 2008

Mark <nospam at nospam.com> writes:

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> Mark <nospam at nospam.com> wrote:

>> Hello,
>> I'm new to this list. Thanks for reading this. I hope, with your help, 
>> I'll be able to make SNTP available to all Runtime Revolution developers 
>> (http://www.runrev.com).
>> Obviously, I would like to open a connection to an SNTP server and get 
>> the time. I could use a command line tool, but I don't want to use any 
>> existing tools for this. I want to read the time from a server, directly 
>> from inside Revolution.

>Hi people,

>Thanks for your replies, even if not too helpful. Especially the 
>discussion about whether this is a list or not is quite fascinating.

>Some of the links you provided are useful. I'll check them out.

>Somewhere else, I have found a good perl script, which I'll port to 

You still have not told us what you are trying to do, and why. 
Sending out an ntp packet to a remote host and receiving back a reply to
determine the time is easy. What do you want to do with that time? If you
want to discipline your computer's clock there a loads of issues that need
to be thought through and have been thought through in say ntpd. If you
just want the remote time for some reason, then it is trivial. 

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