[ntp:questions] Multicast question

Frank Kardel kardel at ntp.org
Sat Mar 1 10:21:53 UTC 2008

Martin Burnicki wrote:
> Danny Mayer wrote:
>> John Vossler wrote:
> [...]
>>> My initial reaction to this issue was to determine if there was an OS
>>> (Solaris) directive to include the multicast for other interfaces in the
>>> group as reported by "netstat -g".  Or a method to specify the multicast
>>> interfaces in the ntp.conf file (apparently not, or not easily).
>> No, and certainly it has not been implemented in NTP.
> If ntpd has been configured to send multicasts, shouldn't it by default send
> multicasts on every interface it actually uses?
No - replicating Mcast packets mustn't be the responsibility of the 
application. That is the task of the multicast routing protocol software.

We really don't have to put all network software into ntpd :-).
> I had expected ntpd would already do so.
not needed.

> Does someone know how this is handled by other protocols using multicast,
> e.g. SLP or mDNS?
> Martin


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