[ntp:questions] 1 Machine, 2 NICs, 2 Instances of ntpd; Possible?

Johnson, John-P63914 John.Johnson at gdc4s.com
Thu Mar 6 23:23:16 UTC 2008


I have a machine with two network interfaces.  I need to have two
instances of
ntpd running, one for each interface.  Initially I attempted to
partition the two
by restricting all access from network B to ntpd instance A and vice
versa in
their respective ntp.conf's.  However, I soon discovered this wasn't
going to
work because both instances were binding on both interfaces, resulting

I tried to remedy this by installing NTP 4.2.4p4 and using the -I option
specify to which interface a particular ntpd instance should bind.  With
limited experimentation, I seem to be running into the same problem of
instance receiving packets from both networks.

Is what I am trying to do feasible?



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