[ntp:questions] pool configuration directive on Windows

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Fri Mar 7 05:20:22 UTC 2008

>>> In article <fqpbr5$3c2$1 at scrotar.nss.udel.edu>, "David L. Mills" <mills at udel.edu> writes:

David> Martin, Things are very much worse than I thought. My understanding
David> was that the release version was divorced from the development
David> version periodically so the two at one time would be coincident and
David> no release version would occur until the next divorce.

This is what happens.

And if a "significant" bug is found in -stable I make a "patch" release and
fix it, generally because it will be "too long" to wait for the next time
-dev is release as -stable and the divorce cycle starts again.

David> It makes no sense and is a waste of resources to maintain two
David> historic tracks well over a year divorced and separately updated.

You don't have the full picture.  The way it works now is minimal effort and
is quite effective.

It is a most workable and efficient solution, which nicely handles your
stated position that you, Dave, will *only* work on -dev.

David> Now the trackers have to know (a) when the latest divorce occured,
David> (b) when the latest release was carved and (c) what's in the
David> development branch.

I'm not sure I follow or agree with what you say here, but all of the
changes are listed in the ChangeLog, and they are quite easy to locate and

The most difficult problem is that you (Dave) often make changes where I
cannot easily create ChangeLog notes.  You sometimes describe your changes
in an email message to hackers@, but that doesn't make it any easier for me
to get these changes into the ChangeLog file.

Given your desire to have the revision control system be completely
invisible to you, at the moment the status quo is the best solution we

Martin has already given me some suggestions on how to improve this, and I
will be following his ideas.

I'm happy to get other ideas on how to improve this as well.
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