[ntp:questions] 1 Machine, 2 NICs, 2 Instances of ntpd; Possible?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 10 18:33:32 UTC 2008

Johnson, John-P63914 wrote:
>>We don't know what you are trying to do since you haven't told us.
> I apologize for the lack of clarity.
> I want one ntpd instance to discipline the local clock with time from
> servers
> on network A.  I want the other instance to serve the local time to
> clients on
> network B.
> Thank you
> Johnny

I don't see why you need, or believe you need, two instances of ntpd.
One should do it all.

If you'll tell us what platform you are running on, perhaps someone can 
assist you with setting up the routing; it's not terribly difficult on 
any of the platforms I've worked with.

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