[ntp:questions] 1 Machine, 2 NICs, 2 Instances of ntpd; Possible?

Johnson, John-P63914 John.Johnson at gdc4s.com
Tue Mar 11 17:12:42 UTC 2008

> One instance of ntpd is all that is necessary to perform both of these

> tasks at the same time.

I realize that what I am trying to do is very easily accomplished with
instance of ntpd.  However, I assure you that the manner in which I am
trying to accomplish it is absolutely necessary for my particular

I found a definitive answer in the code.

ntp_io.c, line 1232

 * Check to see if we are going to use the interface
 * If we don't use it we mark it to drop any packet
 * received but we still must create the socket and
 * bind to it. This prevents other apps binding to it
 * and potentially causing problems with more than one
 * process fiddling with the clock

This explains why an instance was still receiving packets from an
that was not specified with '-I'.

Thank you very much for the help.



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