[ntp:questions] Windows Time with NTPv4

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Mar 16 03:17:47 UTC 2008

Evandro Menezes wrote:
> But doesn't symmetric association require authorization or is it only
> true when there's a keys file?

No, you cannot *require* authorization which doesn't exist anyway, but 
you can require authentication and I strongly recommend it for peers, 
but it's not required by default.

> I ask because after following this thread, I noticed that NTP running
> on our NAS had three Windows XP systems as peers.  Luckily, their
> jitter sucked and being themselves synchronized to the NAS they were
> never selected as references.  Anyways, I removed the line disabling
> authorization and NTP didn't accept those systems as peers anymore,
> even though they still connect to the NAS using mode 1.

Yes, standard Windows implementations suck, but you never know. I 
recommend that anyone using standard Windows time but pointing to an NTP 
server make sure that it's running in the proper client-server mode.


> Thanks.
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