[ntp:questions] Windows won't Sync to NTP server

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid
Fri Mar 28 20:34:49 UTC 2008

lind.fedora at gmail.com wrote:
> I can't get a Windows Client to sync to my NTP server.  All Linux
> clients work fine.

You didn't say that you were running a non-NTP compliant version of 
w32time on the Windows system (it's illegally using symmetric active).

It is possible that your version of ntpd does not have the workaround 
for the w32time bug that was extensively discussed last week.  You 
should try setting the options on w32time that causes it to generate 
proper client associations, upgrading to Windows 2003 (which is reported 
to be compliant). Alternatively, you could run the reference ntpd on the 
Windows systems.

> 13:02:19.440054 IP <srvr>.ntp > <windows-client>.ntp: NTPv3, symmetric
> active, length 48

Version 3 and symmetric active are part of the w32time signature.
> ntpd -d output
> receive: at 447 cent.ntp<-winclient mode 1 code 5 auth 0
> transmit: at 447 cent.ntp->winclient mode 1

It does look like it is w32time tolerant.  As it has logged the 
transmit, it seems unlikely that the problem is in ntpd.
> My NTP version is:  ntp-4.2.4p2-1.fc6

That has vendo9 version suffixes.  You may need to get support from the 

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