[ntp:questions] help with setting up NTP on windows with a USB GPS

Dave Baxter g8kbv at nospam.uko2.co.uk
Tue Dec 1 13:41:28 UTC 2009

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> > Hi.
> >
> > I'm also trying to get this working, haveing failed miserably with the
> > FreeBSD system (it would never seem to respond to the GPS, and as I
> > don't know squat about 'BSD, decided to revert to Winders...)
> On reason for me writing my Web page was that I felt a similar level of 
> ignorance about FreeBSD, so I hoped it would help.  However, I believe 
> some of the port names and perhaps other things have changed in later 
> versions of FreeBSD, so if what I wrote doesn't help, then neither can I. 
> Windows is getting sub-millisecond for me.
> > Anyway, I have a working install of the Meinberg NTPD Windows port on
> > Win2k, and it is sync'ing OK to online servers, but they are the trouble
> > I'm trying to get round, due to variable and huge BT/ISP induced
> > latency, screwing arround with NTP during the weekday, that I use with
> > "Faros" a HF Radio propagation beacon monitor.
> >
> > Long story short, I'm trying to put together a Stratum 1 time server for
> > my LAN only, maybe even on the same physical PC as Faros.
> >
> > I had (killed it now) a version of the patched serial.sys for PPS
> > support, but it BSOD'd the machine at boot time (black screen) needing a
> > physical removal of the hard drive, and temporary fitment into another
> > PC to put the original file back.
> >
> > At present, I can't find a ready-to-use binary of that file.  Dave
> > Hart's site befuddles me, all I can see there is a *Huge* collection of
> > files, what file do I need and where from, exactly please.?
> >
> > I have a Garmin GPS16LVC with PPS output.  (Two of them, both work fine
> > AFAICS, with VisualGPS and a 'scope looking at the PPS signal, that
> > needed buffering to RS232 levels.)
> >
> > Comments, hints?
> >
> > Regards
> > Dave Baxter.
> Dave,
> You don't need the serialpps.sys except for the ultimate in performance. 
> Having said that, it's working here on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and 
> Windows-7, and I would be rather surprised if it didn't work on Windows 
> Vista as well.  Dave Hart would probably appreciate more details of the 
> BSOD failure.

Hi David...

I'll put the BSOD details in another post, beneath David Harts post, to 
keep the tree branches sane...

You did help me out a while back, by pointing me at the exact same 
distribution of F'BSD as you used, I managed (at the third attempt) to 
get it to install on a suiable PC (P3/766MHz, 512M Ram) and it in it's 
original guise seemed happy.  At least, all the things I tried sort of 
worked as documented.

It took me two more attempts to get the kernel recompiled with PPS 
support enabled (needing another full re-install in the process, though 
I now know where the "backup" kernel file is if I do that again!)

My single biggest problem, and no disrespect to you or anyone else here, 
is that (and I've done exactly the same with stuff I work with for other 
lesser people) is one is "too close" to it all in many ways to get a 
truly idiot proof (for that's what us newbies need :) ) install working 
safely.   (If at all in some instances!)

I think I now know what I did wrong with the serialpps.sys in Windows, 
you'll probably laugh when you read it in my reply to the other Dave 
(maybe we should all use the name Bruce instead?)

The version on the Meinberg windows port of NTPD I've used so far is:-
ntpd 4.24p7 at copenhagen-o May 22 2009   If that helps (as shown in the 
NTP monitor program)

I realy would preffer a stable version, rather than any bleading edge 
versions, as the rest of the system can be left to it's own devices for 
weeks if needed with no issues.

I think I need at least single figure mS stability and resolution, not 
absolute uS accuracy, but better is sort of better I guess, I'll bow to 
superior knowledge on that though.

There are at least two other Faros users (just thought of someone else) 
so that's 4 that I know of, who would also like a fully self contained 
system for this purpose (Faros) as they are not well connected to the 
'net, with resulting NTP issues as a reuslt. 

Have to say, my main problem with this, is that there are so many 
versions of this and that, plus knowledge I'm still learning is needed 
to make it fly.

Best Regards.  Now to answer Dave Harts post.

Dave Baxter.

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