[ntp:questions] Anyone ever consider running NTP in an nVidia GPU core?

David Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Dec 2 01:46:37 UTC 2009


Yes, my friends have tripped over all kinds of general applications 
hosted in a GPU. One of the obvious things is onboard space mission 
navigation. But, the darn things run too hot.


Todd Glassey wrote:

> David - I was just looking at a real-time control process a friend had 
> implemented for a controller which is handling some very fast nuclear 
> events and parts of the sensor code is actually running in an nVidia 
> GPU core and it hit me, what a neat timing server it would make. I 
> bring this up because of the other applications for the GPU's 
> (cryptography) as well.
> The compilers are all there and it will keep time in the embedded GPU 
> module with an external reference even better. Would be an interesting 
> project.
> Todd

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