[ntp:questions] Anyone ever consider running NTP in an nVidia GPU core?

Todd Glassey tglassey at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 2 02:02:45 UTC 2009

David Mills wrote:
> Todd,
> Yes, my friends have tripped over all kinds of general applications 
> hosted in a GPU. One of the obvious things is onboard space mission 
> navigation. But, the darn things run too hot.
That's what water coolers are for. I have three very high end ones here 
running and they stay comfy... Still I understand totally about the 
temperature issues. But hey, if we come up with a model which would 
allow nVidia to ship an optional co-processor/NTP Service model they 
might adopt us (snicker) - they love this stuff and a real-time 
co-processor built specifically to sidestep the pain of the 
Southbridge's IO bottlenecks like the cores do, rocks.

By the way - this NTPStamp thing is getting traction in one of the 
evidence groups - we have come up with a process through timestampting 
to allow company's to get rid of the excess baggage SOX compliance made 
them add in their roles and responsibilities models and that turns out 
to be totally cool...

BTW we are working with one of the risk management groups at BofA and 
they are going through all the pain of absorbing Merrill which brings me 
to ask you who you worked with there. I was working with Jack Cavenaugh 
in compliance and the managing partner for silicon valley, pat williams 
in taking secured and audited time into their compliance model.


> Dave
> Todd Glassey wrote:
>> David - I was just looking at a real-time control process a friend 
>> had implemented for a controller which is handling some very fast 
>> nuclear events and parts of the sensor code is actually running in an 
>> nVidia GPU core and it hit me, what a neat timing server it would 
>> make. I bring this up because of the other applications for the GPU's 
>> (cryptography) as well.
>> The compilers are all there and it will keep time in the embedded GPU 
>> module with an external reference even better. Would be an 
>> interesting project.
>> Todd
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