[ntp:questions] mtp srver load figures?

Christoph Weber-Fahr wefa2 at gmx.de
Thu Dec 3 14:58:21 UTC 2009


Unruh wrote:
> Uwe Klein <uwe_klein_habertwedt at t-online.de> writes:
>> Unruh wrote:
>>> Christoph Weber-Fahr <wefa2 at gmx.de> writes:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I'm preparing to build a few ntp servers for a somewhat large population of
>>>> NTP-misbehaving boxes (they top out at a 120 sec interval).
>>> Why have you set them up that way?
>> Maybe he has not set them up that way.
>> i.e. Embedded boxes you can't change easily?
> We can all guess. Only he knows and he is not telling. 

Yep. My fault. I've been unexpectedly out of office for some
time. My apologies to everyone annoyed.

The boxes are indeed embedded devices and are the way they are.
The ntp implementation in the boxes is given.

Multicast and Brodcast are not an option, as none of the boxes
are on a LAN - they are termination devices in a telco setting.


Christoph Weber-Fahr

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