[ntp:questions] help with setting up NTP on windows with a USB GPS

Dave Baxter spam at goes.nowhere.com
Fri Dec 4 10:20:47 UTC 2009

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Dave, quite a few points there!

Polling external NTP servers every ten seconds is /very/ unfriendly, and 
some servers are likely to return the kiss-of-death to such a client, 
and may also deliberately return you an incorrect time value.  Using a 
short poll against your own server on your own LAN is a different 
matter, of course.

It sounds as if the best arrangement would be to have one PC as a 
stratum-1 NTP server (and it could be Windows- or FreeBSD-based), and 
get your Faros PC syncing to it.  Having that server on your LAN should 
greatly reduce the variable network latency.  You shouldn't need any 
extra filtering with a LAN poll time of 32 seconds (maxpoll 5).

I don't know Faros, but perhaps you could manage on a single PC by 
selecting the NTP server for Faros as - the localhost - and 
having that same PC as a stratum-1 server from the GPS/PPS arrangement 
we have discussed.  This would provide a GPS or radio-clock time source, 
but with some additional control and filtering.

Poll times in the ntpq -p display are in seconds, as are the "when" 
times. You should see the "when" increasing by one per second until it 
reaches (or just exceeds) the "poll" value.


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First, thanks for the direct email, I'll look at things in detail again 
this evening/over the weekend.

No Kiss of Death packets that I know of (not sure if Faros would know 
what they are?)  There are many many Faros users world wide by the way, 

I do try and spread the poll's around a collection of servers, or maybe 
that is why I'm getting extended latency problems from my ISP..  Their 
protestations?   I have called them about this (several times, at £1.50 
a minute!) "curry flavored muppets" is the best I can say about their so 
called tec' support these days!   They don't even know what NTP is, as 
it's not on their user support script I guess.

Your sumizing above, is exactly what I'd like to do, idealy all on one 
physical box if posible.  But as elsewhere, I'm not haveing much success 
stitching it all together on a box of its own at present.   The latest 
being that the 'Reg' command, usd by Dave Hart's serialpps install batch 
file, does not exist on Win2k!  (XP and later only I think.)  Oh well.

I'm suffereing a stinking head cold too at present (or pig flu, who 
knows, the medics dont!)  So my attention span is somewhat shorter than 
usual, due to lack of sleep.

Regards to all, and thanks for being tolerant.

Dave Baxter.

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