[ntp:questions] Win2k3 Server as NTP server?

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Mon Dec 7 08:12:31 UTC 2009

David J Taylor wrote:
> "Why Tea" <ytlim1 at gmail.com> wrote in message 

>> 2) If I were to do a trial run of ntpd on Windows 2003, how do
>>    I measure its ntpd performance in order to make a
>>    judgment?
> I use MRTG, Meinberg's monitor, and my own NTP Plotter package.

I think he was really asking about the parameters that you log and how 
you get them from ntpd.

He is using ntpq to fetch the "offset" value.  If ntpd is working well, 
this will be noise like and centred around zero.  Under those 
circumstances, its jitter should be several times worse than the true 
jitter in the software clock.  Windows applications' idea of th time 
will be compromised by the limitations of Windows, in particular its 
inability to interpolate between ticks,  There may also be a systematic 
error due to network limitations, etc.

If the offset is not noise like, the offset may be close to the actual 
clock error, as ntpd has poor transient response to things like 
temperature changes.

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