[ntp:questions] Unable to run Meinberg versions "copenhagen" or "lennon"

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at meinberg.de
Thu Dec 10 10:23:44 UTC 2009


Roger wrote:
> What has changed between p6 "vegas-v2" and p7 "copenhagen" that
> stops p7 and p8 from running on my computer?

When you installed the new version, did you select to "Upgrade files only"
in the installer?

Possibly the user account which has been created by the "vegas-v2" installer
to run the NTP service does not have sufficient rights. 

There are 2 things you can try (sorry, I'm running German Windows versions
here, so I can't tell exactly how this reads in the English version):

1.) Go to the service control manager, edit properties of "Network time
Protocol", changge from "Run as: user ntp" to "Run as: System Account",
see if this fixes the problem.

2.) Open user account management, search for the ntp user and delete it,
then install the NTP package again but do not chose to "upgrade files
only". This will create a new user with sufficient rights. Take care you
run the *installer* from an account which has sufficient rights to create
the NTP user and sassign the required rights to it. 

Please note there is now a "lennon" version available which fixes an
important security bug.

Martin Burnicki

Meinberg Funkuhren
Bad Pyrmont

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