[ntp:questions] Recompiling ntp with FIPS openssl

Gellatly, Anna anna.gellatly at Polycom.com
Thu Dec 10 17:26:09 UTC 2009

Hello all -


I am recompiling ntp with a FIPS compliant openssl. 

I have compiled and installed the fips compliant openssl to

I have checked out ntp version 4.2.4p7-1


I have configured/installed ntp in the following fashion


configure -with-openssl-libdir=/tmp/openssl/usr/local/ssl/fips/lib


make intsll prefix=/tmp/ntp


I have packaged what was placed in /tmp/ntp and installed it on a system
with the fips compliant openssl installed


When I launch ntpd with the following command line

/usr/sbin/ntpd -c /etc/ntp.conf.vmware -u ntp:ntp -p /var/run/ntpd.pid


The ntpd.pid file is created but the process does not launch (the pid in
the .pid file does not exist when running ps -ef | grep ntp).


Is there a place I can look to find out what might be happening?



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