[ntp:questions] Single best NTP status indicator of clock accuracy?

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Fri Dec 11 19:28:54 UTC 2009

unruh wrote:
> The root dispersion is an estimate of the error in the remote
>  clock's time.

Only if you query the NTP server your NTP is peered with,
 instead of querying your NTP server.

> It is not an estimate of the difference in time between
>  your clock and the true time.


I contend root dispersion is, the diff to UTC.

> The best estimate of the difference between your clock
>  time and the true time is the offset.


I contend it is not.

 That only gets you the diff to the NTP server(s) your NTP
  server is syncing to.  Not the diff to UTC.

>> <http://alumni.media.mit.edu/~nelson/research/ntp-survey99/html/>
>> "dispersion of that root time: these measurements are useful
>>   for determining the final accuracy of a host's clock"

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