[ntp:questions] Packet timestamps when using Windows-7/Vista

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.delete-this-bit.and-this-part.co.uk.invalid
Fri Dec 11 20:31:40 UTC 2009

"unruh" <unruh at wormhole.physics.ubc.ca> wrote in message 
news:slrnhi57dp.iod.unruh at wormhole.physics.ubc.ca...
> And given these results would the advice given by some in this list
> to go ahead and use Windows as a time server still stand?
> (Of course it depends on the accuracy required. For 1 sec accuracy, it
> looks like it should be fine.)

Put a different record on, Bill!  If one millisecond is all you need, and 
you don't want to add an extra PC with a different OS, then a properly 
setup Windows system is just fine.  See:



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