[ntp:questions] Win2k3 Server as NTP server?

Dave Hart davehart at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 15:37:06 UTC 2009

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 14:11 UTC, Martin Burnicki wrote:
> Hi Danny,
> just stumbled across your email in one of my email folders, but I didn't see
> your reply on the news servers. So once again, looks likes emails to the
> questions list are not gatewayed to the news group.

As far as I know, this has been broken for most of the last 6 months.
Messages from the newsgroup are gatewayed to questions, but questions
traffic never makes it to the newsgroup.

> Danny Mayer wrote:
>> You can indeed run the reference implementation of NTP instead of
>> w32time on a Windows Domain Controller and I am in fact doing that (as I
>> mentioned in a previous message).
> Yes, but what about the domain members? If you install ntpd on them and
> configure them correctly I'd expect them to work properly.
> However, we have customers with a huge number of clients. In fact, I'd expect
> that especially installations with many clients run a domain, simply to
> reduce administrator efforts.
> I've often heard those guys don't want to install ntpd on every client simply
> because they do not want to touch each individual client.

My understanding is domain members' w32time service will synchronize
(using MS-SNTP A.K.A. [MSNTP] authenticated by a machine account
secret) to the domain controller holding the PDC emulator "flexible
single master operation" or FSMO role.  So if you have any domain
members using w32time, you'll want to have at least one DC (the PDC
FSMO role holder) running w32time (A.K.A. Windows Time Service).

I run ntpd on all my domain's DCs except for the PDC emulator, and
have the PDC emulator's w32time sync to one of the DCs running ntpd.

Dave Hart

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