[ntp:questions] Busybox and ntp

jam725 jamoore84 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 19:26:01 UTC 2009

Is there anyone who can help with untangling some ntp issues in
busybox?  I have an Atmel STK1000 dev kit (AVR32, AP7000 ARM 7
processor) and want to turn it into an NTP server.  I'm running
busybox and have added ntp utilities through buildroot, but don't know
what I need to do to synchronize this board to external servers.  I
have followed the advice from this walk-through:

but have hit some snags where certain commands are not supported in
busybox (service start/stop/reset, chkconfig). At boot ntpd looks to
read from somewhere:

Running ntpdate: 16 Dec 17:39:43 ntpdate[411]: step time server offset 1260988767.511027 sec

but issuing an ntpdate command returns:

16 Dec 18:22:01 ntpdate[444]: no servers can be used, exiting

what can I do to test that this is working?  'pgrep ntpd' returns only
one process number where the above link makes it sound I should be
seeing several.

I've posted at AVRFreaks, but they've been slow to respond. I was
wondering whether this would be a more appropriate place to post.


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