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> Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 14:24:56 +0800
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> Hi,
>   I wish to know that If I am providing 2 server names in ntp.conf
> without "prefer" option then with which server my system will sync the
> time. 
> I googled it I came to know that the server which has less "jitter" it
> will sync with. Other thing is both the servers are at same strand
> value. 
> Can anyone please explain it. I will be thankful to you .

I think you probably meant stratum instead of "strand". In any case, the
algorithm is a bit more complex than "jitter", but it is the dominant
contributor. I'm not entirely sure what you are asking, though. It sound
like you  found the answer.

I will say that having two servers is probably the worst case. You
really want three, five, or seven. Those allow for "good" servers to
out-vote a bad server. If you only have two, there is no indication as
to what the "best" time is. The jitter may be low, but the time may be
off by a lot. If you have three servers, if one goes bad, ntp will ignore
it and always pick from the servers that have about the sime time.
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