[ntp:questions] NTP 4.2.6p1-RC1 Released

NTP Public Services Project webmaster at ntp.org
Sun Dec 20 18:10:02 UTC 2009

Redwood City, CA - 2009/12/20 - The NTP Public Services Project
(http://support.ntp.org/) is pleased to announce that NTP 4.2.6p1-RC1,
a Release Candidate of the NTP Reference Implementation from the
NTP Project, is now available at http://www.ntp.org/downloads.html and

File-size: 4326185 bytes

MD5 sum: 692b299ba689307175aa270995e435be

Bug Fixes:

* [Bug 1412] m4/os_cflags.m4 caches results that depend on $CC.
* [Bug 1413] test OpenSSL headers regarding -Wno-strict-prototypes.
* [Bug 1414] Enable "make distcheck" success with BSD make.
* [Bug 1415] Fix Mac OS X link problem.
* [Bug 1418] building ntpd/ntpdc/ntpq statically with ssl fails.
* [Bug 1409] Put refclock_neoclock4x.c under the NTP COPYRIGHT notice.
  This should allow debian and other distros to add this refclock driver
  in further distro releases.
  Detect R2 hardware releases.

Other Changes:

* Build infrastructure updates to enable beta releases of ntp-stable.

Please report any bugs, issues, or desired enhancements at

The NTP (Network Time Protocol) Public Services Project, which is
hosted by Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. (http://www.isc.org/),
provides support and additional development resources for the
Reference Implementation of NTP produced by the NTP Project

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