[ntp:questions] Meinberg NTP monitor, silly question

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.delete-this-bit.and-this-part.co.uk.invalid
Sun Dec 20 19:42:25 UTC 2009

> Your confused!...
> How are you getting to those driver display details?
> In Win2k, I'm going in via the control panel, system, then device
> manager.
> In there, expand the "Ports (COM and LPT)" selection, select Com2 (the
> one with the GPS) right click, Properties, Driver, Driver details.
> Nothing about serialpps, or 4800bd for that matter in the port settings
> tab either..

The 4800 baud was from NTP's Applications Event log entry.

> In the Driver File Details dialog, it just shows:-
> C:\WINNT\System32\DRIVERS\serenum.sys
> C:\WINNT\System32\DRIVERS\serial.sys

Then you haven't full installed the serialpps.sys driver.  There should be 
a registry entry:

  ImagePath => system32\drivers\serialpps.sys


and obviously C:\WINNT\System32\DRIVERS\ should contain the file 

> I don't doubt I might have not done something right, but at the moment
> I'm at a loss to decide what that might be?

> Hmm...  Poking arround...   The only thing I can see, is the file is
> called "serialpps.sys" and the registry entry has "Serialpps.sys".
> Could that be the issue?  (upper/lower case 'S' ?)

Sounds unlikely to me, but worth making them match to be certain.

> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Serial
> ImagePath  REG_SZ  system32\drivers\Serialpps.sys

On XP I have the path as type REG_EXPAND_SZ, but I don't think that 
matters if you don't have nay strings which need to be expanded.

> The pps-api dll is in it's own folder:-
> C:\serialpps\serialpps-ppsapi-provider.dll
> Also, the system environment variable PPSAPI_DLLS (Is that right?)
> points to that path & file.  But, I notice that I got the drive letter
> in the environment variable as c not C.
> Idea's ??
> Regards.
> Dave B.

I don't think that C: versus c: will matter, but I would certainly see if 
you can resolve the driver loading issue first.  A reboot is required to 
change that driver, as I expect you know.  One other thought - there is a 
32-bit version of that driver and two 64-bit ones in the Zip file.  Just 
asking - you did install the right one?  The 32-bit DLL is 69,120 bytes, 
and the 32-bit serialpps.sys 82,432 bytes.


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