[ntp:questions] Meinberg NTP monitor, silly question

Brent Gordon ntp_list at adobe-labs.com
Sun Dec 20 02:06:29 UTC 2009

G8KBV wrote:
> Hi All..
> A silly question if I may, and yes I've been poking arround the Meinberg 
> website and forum for hours, and can't find the answer.  Likewise the 
> (non existant) help within the program, though I'm *sure* I've seen text 
> on this somewhere, but can't find it at the moment.
> Re the status column in the 'NTP Status' tab.
> I think a * means that this server is being used as the reference.
> + signals a posible candidate for use as a reference.
> - = will not be used (for whatever reason)
> But what does 'o' mean?
On the NTP Status tab, click the "Legend" button in the lower-right 
corner.  It will explain the status column and give you a link to more 


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