[ntp:questions] NTP reachable but rejected

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Tue Dec 22 00:38:57 UTC 2009

Moses Truong wrote:
>> Dave Hart wrote:
>> ntpq told you the key piece of information with "flash=400 peer_dist,"
>> -- in that version of ntpd, flash=400 is associated with the peer
>> distance test, which is looking at a peer_distance calculation based
>> on the rootdelay and rootdispersion peer variables, as well as the
>> additional delay and dispersion in the communication with that peer.
>> In the current code, the threshold peer_dist indicates has been
>> exceeded defaults to 1.5 (seconds) and can be modified in ntp.conf
>> with "tos maxdist 2.5" for example, though I would not advise it
>> except as a short-term diagnostic step.
>> Cheers,
>> Dave Hart
> Actually your suggestion fixed the clients running CentOS. I've found a 
> problem with Ubuntu in that changing /etc/ntp.conf doesn't seem to 
> affect the NTP daemon... I'll check with Ubuntu to see if this is a bug 
> or not.

Did you restart the NTP daemon?  /etc/ntp.conf is normally read ONLY 
when NTPD starts!

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