[ntp:questions] A faster settling NTP

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Wed Dec 23 20:40:17 UTC 2009

unruh wrote:
> David J Taylor wrote:
>>> It is a massive coding job. chorny is not exactly a two
>>>  line program.  And David Mills, who controls the
>>>  algorithm of ntpd, does not have any interest in
>>>  implimenting any other algorithm, at least at this time.
>> The code is available - so why not demonstrate that the
>>  algorithm can be improved in a private version?
> ??? The code is NOT available on ntpd. It would require
>  a large coding job to impliment the chrony algorithm
>  into ntpd and if you knew that your one year worth of
>  work would never ever make it into ntpd, why would you
>  do it? To properly integrate it you have to know ntpd
>  intimately, know chrony ( or at least the algorithm)
>  intmately, and do the coding job.

So, you expect some one else to do programming for you?

If you, the person pushing this solution, are not interested
 in making the effort to do the programming, the likelihood
 of anyone else doing it for you is slim or none.

 If you aren't interested in making the effort, why do you
  (apparently uselessly) keep flogging your "ultimate solution"?

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