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> > 
> >> Keeping an NTPD server up and synched is not all that difficult.  A UPS 
> >> will keep you alive for three to fifteen minutes if power fails.  The 
> >> longer the UPS run time, the more it costs.  Any longer than fifteen 
> >> minutes and you will need a generator fueled by either gasoline or 
> >> natural gas.  You will either need a human being to start it and set it 

My needs for this, is to run a HF (Shortwave) radio beacon monitor, for 
propagation studdies and path conditon monitoring, the resulting data is 
also presented to others on a web based status page.

The Faros PC ('Faros' is the software that does the job) and the NTP PC 
(currently two seperate machines) do run 24/7, from a UPS that has been 
proven to keep them (and associated radio hardware) running for over an 
hour if the lights go out.

If I'm hear if that happens, I can indeed get a genny out of the garage, 
and run it all from that if I realy realy needed to, or even a long lead 
from my Landy on the driveway and the 12V to 240V inverter in that..

As to Chrony, for better or worse, everything here runs on Windows, 
purely because after many years using it, I sort of know my way round 
it.  Sadly I do not have the time or inclenation to learn Linux (or 
FreeBSD) to the same degree, for what I want to do.

I am not starting a 'Nix/Winders war, or a NTP/Crony one for that matter 

I have found what I need, to my satisfaction for now, with much help 
from others hear, for which I'm truly grateful.  They know who they are, 
thanks again.


Dave Baxter.

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