[ntp:questions] Tobit LAN!Time DCF77 receiver not working

David Lord snews at lordynet.org
Thu Dec 24 00:00:25 UTC 2009

Marc-Andre Alpers wrote:
> "Dave Hart" <davehart at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The same poster who referred you to the linum.com URL above also
>> provided a link to a "Linux Support" PDF.  I do not read German
>> particularly well, but I did see a reference to parse mode 5, have you
>> tried that?
> Yes i have tried mode 5, but then the LED does not flashing. Only in mode
> 16 the LED flashes.
> The paper is realy old it refers to xntp and for Suse Linux 6.3 up to 7.3.
> In this paper they say that after xntp 4.1.0 the mode 16 is the correct
> mode for this clock. XNTP bevor 4.1.0 must be patched with code form
> linum.
> The serial port is ok. I have on the same maschine WinXP installed,
> and the clocks works correct with other software. I try to use
> Meinberg NTPD with this clock, but mode 16 does
> not work.

You may want to try radioclkd2 which decodes DCF ok and uses
the SHM refclock driver. Radioclkd2 supports signals of either
polarity on DCD, CTS, DSR or RNG, also there is debug mode that
gives time between pulse edges. From pictures of connector I
can't see any connection to RxD which is used as input by
PARSE driver, nor does there appear to be a connection to DCD.



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