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>> ??? The code is NOT available on ntpd. It would require a large coding
>> job to impliment the chrony algorithm into ntpd and if you knew that
>> your one year worth of work would never ever make it into ntpd, why
>> would you do it? To properly integrate it you have to know ntpd
>> intimately, know chrony ( or at least the algorithm) intmately, and do
>> the coding job.
> I was able to download, and even to compile, the code for NTP, so it /is/ 
> available.  I was only suggesting replacing one small part to prove a 
> point.

Sorry my referents confused you. It is the code for chrony on ntp that
is not available (does not exist). And it is not "replacing one small

> []
>> I have no interest whatsoever in Windows, nor, I suspect,  do most of 
>> the people involved with
>> chrony development. It is hard then to put in the time to do it.
> So the majority of the world's computer users will have no interest in 
> chrony.

That may be true. Unfortunately the majority of the worlds computers
already have no interest in accurate time keeping because of the
architecture of the operating system. On the other hand, just as with
ntpd which was originally written for Unix type systems, someone might
decide that an ntp program which is two to three times more accurate
than ntpd, and has a much faster startup time might be useful on Windows
and be willing to invest the time and effort in the port. 
Just as with you, many people do not know about chrony to get interested
in supporting it. 
>> Once upon a time, Richard Curnow, the author of chrony, had an interest
>> in porting it to Windows. Unfortunately other aspects of life caught up
>> with him (children, jobs,...) and his interest now is very small.
> Is this not an open sauce project?  <G>

Yes, and it has been taken over now by others, who have added refclock
support, IPV6 support, bug fixes in the past month or so. But noone has
stepped forward who is interested in adding windows support yet. 
Are you volunteering?

> David 

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