[ntp:questions] A faster settling NTP

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Fri Dec 25 05:58:13 UTC 2009

"unruh" <unruh at wormhole.physics.ubc.ca> wrote in message 
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>> Why not take a different approach, then?  Start with chrony to make the
>> system rapidly stable, and then turn control over to NTP.  Is something
>> like that possible?
> Why not just stick with chrony. But I thought we were discussing Windows
> systems, on which chrony does not run. And if someone has rewritten
> chrony to run on windows, there is no point in handing over to ntp. As I
> said chrony is about 2 times better ( lower standard deviation) than
> ntp. Why would you want to hand over control to a worse program?

I had wondered whether that might be an acceptable solution for some folk. 
My original question was not OS-specific.  As you say, until chrony is 
available for a wider range of operating systems and supports GPS/PPS 
reference clocks it is but of academic interest.  As NTP already provides 
that infrastructure, enhancing the initial convergence rather than having 
to re-invent the whole wheel seems a better approach to me.

Happy Christmas all all our readers!


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