[ntp:questions] Meinberg NTP monitor, silly question

David Lord snews at lordynet.org
Sun Dec 27 23:24:17 UTC 2009

David Lord wrote:
> unruh wrote:
>> On 2009-12-22, David Lord <snews at lordynet.org> wrote:
>>> Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
>>>> unruh wrote:
>>>>> On 2009-12-22, Richard B. Gilbert <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> wrote:
>>>>>> David J Taylor wrote:
>>>>>>> "Richard B. Gilbert" <> wrote in message 
>>>>>>> news:ZJydnVuvufm1Wa3WnZ2dnUVZ_h2dnZ2d at giganews.com...
>>> Yes, I've used chronyd along with ntpd for a while. I've moved
>>> desktops and notebooks to chronyd.
>>> What chronyd seems not to provide is peering ability with ntpd
>>> (or it may be I've never been able to get it working), and up
>>> to recently lacked any refclock support.
>> Not sure what "peering" ability means. It can certainly use ntpd as a
>> server source.  It now has refclock support (shm, socket) and you can
>> set up ntpd so that it feeds its refclock output to chrony via the
>> socket ( and via the hacked ntpd that M Lichvar has created which uses
>> ntpd purely to get the refclock times and feed it to chrony-- so you
>> have all of the refclock support that ntpd has.)
> If I have two systems with chrony specifying other as peer
> in chrony.conf, along with other servers lines, it all works
> ok and also systems running ntpd can use the systems running
> chrony as servers without problem.
> When I've tried with a system running chrony and system
> running ntpd with both set as peer for the other, the ntpd
> system doesn't appear to see the system running chrony
> whilst the chrony system just seems to use the ntpd system
> as server. I can't really say I'm suprised at that but if
> not just a quirk of my setup it's a significant limitation.

Just tried again with chrony on desktop set as peer for each
of three servers and this time there appeared to be no
problem until last system started has just gone back to INIT
for the chrony peer. As it happens that is server I tried
this with previously, ntpd 4.2.0r vs ntpd 4.2.4p2-o on other

>> These are in 1.24-pre1 from chrony.tuxfamily.org

Compiled and installed on NetBSD 5.0.1 but on startup had
a coredump so I'm back to 1.23 until I have some spare
time to look into it.


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