[ntp:questions] Can the line audio out of HF radio be used to sync ntp. Trying to get a cheap ($) radio method.

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Fri May 1 02:02:15 UTC 2009

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> David J Taylor wrote:
>> Unruh wrote:
>>> ... RS232 plug and a USB poser plug.
>> Where are you proposing he plug the RS232 lead in?  Buy a PCI/serial card?
> Perhaps he meant a USB serial port?

USB is nearly useless for NTP!  USB has latencies sufficiently large 
and variable to render it unsuitable for use with NTP.  Most computers 
used to be sold with one or more serial ports.  The newest computers may 
not have serial ports as they come from the factory but there is no 
reason why one or more serial ports can't be added.

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