[ntp:questions] Gretchen - in regard to CertifiedTime it never died...

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Sat May 2 18:03:14 UTC 2009

Todd Glassey CISM CIFI wrote:
> Gretchen Baxter wrote:
>> thanx!
>> in that case, this is good news for everyone in the timing community.
> We think so - and as CertifiedTime's original founder I am overjoyed to 
> turn CertifiedTime's services back online. The intent when I built 
> CertifiedTime Inc originally was to build a uniform time source which is 
> operated inside of an Audit Practice which meets BOTH the RFC3161 
> requirements (set by ETSI and the EU) for running time service 
> enterprises as well as those through US Law as well. We at Certichron 
> are doing exactly that.
> This, by the way, is why I keep asserting that the following is 
> necessary because of the sheer number of implementations using any 
> number of OS interfaces including those run-time services added here by 
> the ISC.ORG NTP effort. The same is needed for each commercial release 
> of NTP including all commercial providers since the Audit Community has 
> been formally put on notice this key set of definitions and goal's don't 
> exist, and since they cannot review those test reports they can no 
> longer allow the introduction of un-certified code into production systems.

I am not aware of any commercial providers of NTP apart from the two
mentioned above. The O/S vendors include NTP in their O/S's but they do
not provide commercial NTP. Only the above mentioned companies seem to
provide commercial services of NTP. Who provided the formal notice to
the Audit Community and what reasons were given? What test reports
exist? There is an implication here that uncertified code was allowed
onto production systems but the reality here is that most of the O/S is
not certified either.

Just a formal comment here. The NTP Public Services project which makes
available the NTP reference implementation does NOT provide any formal
verification that the source code that it distributes is valid or
correct nor does it validate any of the time sources beyond what
protocols like autokey provides. Autokey merely validates that the
sender of the NTP packet is coming from where it says it comes from and
that itself is based on out-of-band keys provided by the provider of
that source. In no case does it guarantee that the time source is
providing valid time. Furthermore RFC3161 is not supported or
implemented by the reference implementation of NTP.

Third party providers may provide any or all such features. However it
is important that you ensure that those providers meet any contractual
requirements that you may have and the NTP timesources meet the
standards required of the country where you are providing such services.
You would need to contact the country's national time standards body for
information about that and what services that they provide.

>     1)   A formal specification of how NTP works with what Kernel 
> resources and what the thread overhead of those controls inside the 
> Run-Time Image ace. The intent is to create a set of metrics which can 
> be used by NTP implementors to tune their releases and to set a 'stake 
> in the ground' for implementors of appliance style NTP systems.
>     2)   A formal specification for testing NTP and a method of specify 
> partial or core compliance since many of the new controls added don't 
> really make sense to keep inside all versions of NTP. (Sorry it is what 
> it is - NTP - IMHO - should not be used for negotiating policy 
> information - only for moving time around).

This is a very opaque statement and in is not clear what controls or
policy it is referring to. Policy is not negotiated anywhere within the
reference implementation of NTP. It may be by third-party providers.

>     3)   A formal characterization and operations guidelines so the 
> commercial industry don't get bad advice on the systems and processes 
> needed to generate that court-admissible evidence.

I have yet to see any requirements for court-admissible evidence by any
party including the courts.


> Todd Glassey

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