[ntp:questions] PPS from an external OCXO source. Correcting drift is it possible?

Nero Imhard nim at pipe.nl
Sat May 2 21:55:42 UTC 2009

Kat wrote:
> To try and maintain better accuracy on the ntp server that feeds my 
> small network and increase the maxtime for server polling, I thought 
> that I would dig into my scrap box and build a PPS with a home built 
> OCXO as a spare time project.

It seems that you are doing things the wrong way round. An OCXO is not
synchronized to anything so it really can't be used as a time source
(which is what a PPS input is supposed to be).

A much more reasonable approach would be to hook up the OCXO to your
computer's hardware clock for better stability.

Since you seem to build stuff yourself, you could also regulate the
temperature of your computer's timing crystal. Should work rather well.


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