[ntp:questions] NTP emulation Question

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Mon May 4 14:47:57 UTC 2009

Foden, Geoff wrote:
> Danny,
> As per extract below:
> Each NTP client within the project shall be capable of accessing at
> least six NTP sources).  Due to the limitations of the test environment
> at contractor, it will not be possible to demonstrate compliance until
> the project system is installed at either Site 1 or Site 2 and is
> connected to the Time Distribution System at those sites.
> For this test case it Stratum 2 client can be configured to also act as
> a server and supply NTP to a Stratum 3 client.
> Does this help?

Not really. Do you have internet access during the testing? If so you
can configure the NTP client to point to 6 different NTP servers. If you
do *not* have internet access you may need to set up a virtual machine
server like VMWare and create enough O/S's on that and then run ntpd on
top of them. The results of this won't be great but it will work.

Note that ntpd allows virtually unlimited number of servers to be
specified and used so the real question is what are you testing? If you
just want to assure that it can handle that many it can always be done
on a system which does have internet access and specify explicit servers
for it to use.

Does that help?


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