[ntp:questions] root vs peer dispersion?

Towli towli at oldboyz.dk
Mon May 4 14:44:56 UTC 2009


As i understand it (when typing show ntp status on a cisco switch) "root 
dispersion" is the worst case difference between the local clock and the 
stratum 1, but then what is "peer dispersion"??

I am sitting on a switch, to which a dcf77 (stratum1) clock is connected on 
port 20, and a "show ntp status" tells med that the
"peer clock offset is -2.5965 msec, root delay is 1.27 msec,  root 
dispersion is 5.45 msec,  peer dispersion is 2.84 msec"

why is the root dispertion not "0" when the Dcf77-clock is sitting on port 
20 on the switch? is 5.45 the time the Dcf77-signal takes to travel from 
Frankfurt to Denmark where i am located? What then does the peer dispersion 
time of 2.84 msec tell me?

/Towli - Denmark


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