[ntp:questions] GPS-UTC Leap Corrections

cjc yheffen at gmail.com
Mon May 4 18:28:16 UTC 2009

We have some time servers with GPS clocks. One of their uses is in
operations centers where satellites are being flown. The satellites
GPS (as opposed to UTC) internally, so we want the computers on the
ground also to use GPS (rather than UTC). The time servers speak NTP
and hand out GPS time as if it were UTC. The ground computers think
they are on UTC, but it's really GPS.

But we'd like some of the computers to really be on UTC. I really
been able to think of a good way to have computers use the GPS time
given out by the time servers as a source, but then to actually offset
their own time by the GPS-UTC difference. Some quick Googling hasn't
turned anything up. Anyone have some suggestions on how to manage
something like this? Or are we just going to have to live 15 seconds
ahead of the rest of the world?

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