[ntp:questions] Help appreciated

Towli towli at oldboyz.dk
Wed May 13 18:04:14 UTC 2009

"David Woolley" <david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid> skrev i meddelelsen 
news:4a0b04b5$0$516$5a6aecb4 at news.aaisp.net.uk...
> Towli wrote:
>> "David Woolley" <david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid> skrev i 
>> meddelelsen news:4a0ab078$0$513$5a6aecb4 at news.aaisp.net.uk...
>>>>> #sh ntp ass de
>>> What command are you running?
>> Show ntp association detail  - sry
> What OS are you using; that command is not part of the standard ntpd 
> distribution.

Im using Cisco 3750 switches synching with a DFC77 appliance box and 
external (InetProviders) Stratum 1 servers.

I am really trying to understand this, and i feel a little stupid, -perhaps 
i dont get it because english is not my native language:
Why is my 3750 switch reporting a precison of 2**-6 when using my appliance 
DCF77 box, but reporting precison of 2**-18 when talking about the external 
If i erase the ntp clock-period from my switches when they are in synch with 
my appliance box - would the precision improve ?


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