[ntp:questions] Help appreciated

Hans Jørgen Jakobsen hjj at wheel.dk
Wed May 13 20:34:55 UTC 2009

On Wed, 13 May 2009 20:04:14 +0200, Towli wrote:
> Im using Cisco 3750 switches synching with a DFC77 appliance box and 
> external (InetProviders) Stratum 1 servers.
> If i erase the ntp clock-period from my switches when they are in synch with 
> my appliance box - would the precision improve ?

No, this is the equivelent of the drift file. If you replace the hardware drop
this line when restoring config. Rumors says giving a way of value will bring
problems to correct function of the box. This happens when copy and pasting
configuration between different type of Cisco boxes.

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