[ntp:questions] Porting NTP to another OS - updating Makefile.am

loretta_1958 at yahoo.com loretta_1958 at yahoo.com
Thu May 21 16:14:19 UTC 2009

I have implemented a new reference clock driver and need to support this driver on two different operating systems.  I have sucessfully made changes to the configure.ac file to support the creation of the correct config.h file for each OS.
I have had to modify "LDADD= " in many of the Makefile.am files, to accommodate the differences in the OS libraries.  For example,  
in /ntpd/Makefile.am for linux, I need:
ntpd_LDADD = $(LDADD) -lm @LCRYPTO@ $(LIBOPTS_LDADD) ../libntp/libntp.a -lpthread
for my other OS, threads are already supported in the base libraries, but I need to add libnetinet.a to support syslog.h:
ntpd_LDADD = $(LDADD) -lm @LCRYPTO@ $(LIBOPTS_LDADD) ../libntp/libntp.a -lnetinet
I would like to have a single copy of each Makefile.am, how do I implement the host specifics?


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