[ntp:questions] NTP 4.2.5p180 adds IPv6 support on Windows

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Sun May 31 01:10:14 UTC 2009

David J Taylor wrote:
> I've installed the release version (just ntpd.exe) on my Windows 2000 
> Server PC, Bacchus, without an IPv6 stack (as far as I know).  It appears 
> to install and run correctly, although there were two errors reported in 
> the event log:
> 30/05/2009 06:37:45 NTP Error None 1 N/A BACCHUS setsockopt(208, 
> SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE, on): Invalid argument
> 30/05/2009 06:37:45 NTP Error None 1 N/A BACCHUS setsockopt(216, 
> SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE, on): Invalid argument

I remember seeing that too on my Windows 2000 server as well but I
didn't get around to looking at it before. That's because Dave created
an ifdef around the function call. However it's always defined for
Windows because he defined it in config.h. What is really needed here is
a run-time check for Windows version to see if it can be set. However
this was first made available in NT 4.0 SP4 so it should be supported
and I don't see why it would fail in this way. I think that the real
reason for this problem is that it is not available to anyone but
admistrators before XP. I was running it interactively and I have
adminstrator group on my 2000 server box so I am not sure why it's
failing. I suspect we will need a run-time check for a minimum of
Windows 2003 since I tell people not to run it except with the minimum
number of privileges required and certainly not with Administrative


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